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Welcome to Wolf's Den Dog Rescue & Sanctuary and Adoption Network. Your main rescuers here at the sanctuary are Ionela-Otilia Botea, Art Mason and Scott Mason on the left, Philip Welch and Ben Welch below.

Our mission is to save dogs and cats of all breeds from the streets! And find them good loving homes with people who understand the meaning of unconditional love.

Above all people who are ready to welcome a new life into their homes. We are located in central Romania, but we can locate adopted dogs and cats anywhere in the world. 

The name Wolf's Den Dog Rescue & Sanctuary refers to how Wolves understand the importance of families or "PACKS". Wolves are very loyal to their pack and protect the weak and old. The values that people have lost today. Hence, you see this in the problem with so many " street dogs " today.  

The very idea that Wolf's Den Dog Rescue needs to exist is not a good reflection on societies. When we can treat these beautiful creatures of God with the respect, love and kindness they deserve, then our world will become a better place. Those who abuse animals also abuse people! I have heard estimates of up to 2 million stray dogs in the Romania. By 2030 there will be NONE left on the streets. And it will happen one dog at a time.  Sound ambitious? It is, but we have a plan. And plan that took 3 years to assemble.

Why is Wolf's Den Dog Rescue & Sanctuary needed?

So how did this happen? Quite simply, it was caused 100% by the communist government that held power through electoral fraud from 1947 until the revolution of December 1989. Dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu built apartment complexes in Bucharest and other cities and forced all the residents from farms and country to enter the city. Of course they couldn't bring their dogs and cats with them, which ended up being abandoned. They bred and today the problem exists and continues to grow, despite some good people trying to resolve it. Many of them my friends. 

Now if you live in the west you probably said upon reading this "the government should do something about this.The government caused this. And now, while Romania is no longer a communist country, people must stop looking to the government to fix everything. Every problem that exists today can be traced back to a government and its players. We need to fix the world! But not allowing governments to repeat their endless failures thus destroying the world.

Why Romania? Because this is my home and I love the land and the people. And I love these beautiful creatures of God. Men and woman have the gift of choice, dogs depend and suffer because of man's poor choices. They are really innocent. We need to start protecting all animals.

And this goal will be accomplished without euthanizing the dogs like Canada did in the 1970's to solve their problem. Life is life, and I think the world has seen enough murder to an eternity. 

Wolf's Den Dog Rescue - Adoption Information

Wolf's Den Dog Rescue

Today many like to pay large sums of money to dog "breeders"  . Why? When you adopt a puppy from us, you can be sure that all the appropriate medical treatments have been carried out and that the dog is healthy. 

And we are also very strict about feeding and only the best food is served . Therefore, the health of our rescued babies is the top priority! Additionally, these rescued babies get plenty of exercise and are not confined to small cages . They interact with each other under supervision. Dogs have pets too!

Above all, you save a life! These babies can be transported almost anywhere in the world and all their travel documents will be in order. Canada may be an exception because of the current regime. Hopefully people will change that and not allow it to happen. 

"Wolf's Den Dog Rescue"

In the menu at the top you will find a reference list of all our rescued babies and their stories. And please join our group on MeWe .  Even while we have already saved life, we are just getting started.

If you are interested in donating to help feed and care for these babies while they are at Wolf's Den Dog Rescue, there is also a link at the top. 

And thank you for your support of this project and please share your site with your friends and family. Thanks to our global network, we can also help you find dogs of all breeds.  There is a contact form available from the menu above. 

"Wolf's Den Dog Rescue"

We are working towards the full release of this project in fall 2023!

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"Wolf's Den Dog Rescue"

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