Wolf's Den Dog Rescue

Wolf's Den Dog Rescue

Welcome to the Wolf's Den Dog Rescue and adoption Network. Our mission is to save dogs and cats of all breeds from the streets! And to find them good loving homes with people who understand the meaning of unconditional love. Above all people who are prepared to welcome a new life into their homes.  We are located in Brasov County Romania however we can locate adopted dogs and cats anywhere in the world. 

The name Wolf's Den is refers to how the Wolf understands the importance of family or PACK. Wolvesare very loyal to their pack and protect the weak and elderly. Values many people have lost today. Hence you are see this in the sissue with there being so many "street dogs" today. 

The very idea that a Wolf's Dem Dog Rescue is needed is not a good reflection on society. When we can treat these beautiful creatures with the respect, love and kindness they deserve then our world will improve. Those who abuse animals also abuse people!

And it will happen one dog at a time. 

Adoption information

Today many people like to pay large amounts of money to "breeders" for dogs who's condition is questionable. Therefore when you adopt a doggie from us you are assured that all the proper medical treatment has been done and the dog is in good health. 

And we are also very strict on feeding and only the best food is served. Hence the health of our rescued babies is the top priority!  In addition these rescued babies get plenty of exercise and are not locked in small cages. They interact with each other under supervision. Dogs are PACK animals!

Above all you are saving a life! These babies can be transported almost anywhere in the world also as all their travel documents will be in order. 

The menu at the top you will find a listing reference to all of our rescued babies and their stories. And please consider joining our group on MeWe

If you are interested in donating to help feed and care for these babies while they are at Wolf's Den Dog Rescue there is a link at the top also. 

And thank you for your support in this project and please share with website with friends and family. Because of our Network globally we can also help you to find doggies of all breeds. You can contact us from above also.

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Wolf's Den Dog Rescue