Wolf's Den Dog Rescue

If you would like to donate to help our mission, you can do so below. All donations go towards food and medical expenses for the dogs. Nothing goes to any other purpose.

Here are different donation levels. These are all one time donations.

This type of donation is to provide food directly to street dogs. Part of our mission is to go out daily and refill feed stations we will install all over the town we are in.

And this will expand from here! But we must begin somewhere! 

Thank you!

$5.00 Donation
$10.00 Donation
$25.00 Donation

You can donate any other amount via this PayPal Me link!

Monthly Membership Donations

Below is a rescued Husky named Fritz. He was to receive the death senstence because no one wanted him. Any amount you gives helps us get closer to solving this problem!

Wolf's Den Dog Rescue și Sanctury