Thor the Siberian Husky

* Thor the Siberian Husky

Thor the Siberian Husky was found in a city shelter in Giurgiu Romania, a city on the Danube River after being hit by a car. It is assumed that Thor was abandoned by his "asshole owners" when they discovered he is totally deaf.

Likely this condition was at birth and since he was not perfect he was not good enough for these "alleged" humans. Personally in my view life in prison should be the penalty for doing this to an animal. Some will say they are just Dogs, but to that "person" I say "you are just human."

We found out about Thor the Siberian Husky as he was scheduled to be put down. Thank God Otilia found out about him and has him set as adopted with the shelter. Thor is scheduled to be neutered on Monday November 15th 2021 after which time Otilia will head out to Giurgiu and bring him home.

Huskies are very special dogs. They are also the most abandoned breed of dog anywhere. This is because people want a pet, not a family member. If you want to know more about Huskies please feel free to ask at the bottom of this post.

This case is closed as Thor was placed with a family. 

Hugo Rescued German Shepherd

Hugo Rescued German Shepherd

Hugo Rescued German Shepherd. This beautiful little boy is Hugo. he was removed from a "Pension" in Constanta Romania because the "owner' neglected him so badly.

Suffering from malnutrition, parasites and unfortunately Heartworm. Hugo is currently as of June 14th 2021 in serious condition but making progress.

With his removal with the help of the police on Saturday June 12th 2021 Hugo at a Vet Hospital under observation. Hugo is building his strength. He is eating well and in pretty good spirits.

And Hugo is expected to undergo surgery Wednesday June 16th 2021 for remove the Heartworms. They are too advanced for medication only. Hence Hugo has a long road to recovery. 

Please pray for this beautiful boy as he is on a long road to recovery. The future is uncertain for this beautiful little boy. However one things is for sure! While he awaits his forever home is suffering is at an end. 

Our mission is to rescue as many of these beautiful creatures of God as possible and given them a real chance at life. If you are a dog rescuer and would like to join our network please leave a comment below. 

Hugo Rescued German Shepherd is our first official rescue.  And our physical shelter is not yet complete. In the menu at the top of this post will be links as to how you can get involved in this project. 

Another important mission of our rescue is to provide rescued dogs for child who have been rescued recently from Child Trafficking. This is an important step in good mental health. And a recovery for children who have undergone serious trauma like is so prevalent in the world today.

Update June 15th 2021. Hugo is slowly getting strong as time passes by. He should be ready for his surgery on Wednesday June 16th 2021. This is serious and expensive surgery. But I am happy to cover this to help this beautiful baby have a great life. 

Update June 16th 2021. Hugo has awoke from his heartworm surgery. It went very well. I saw the video of the surgery and it was very intense. I found out today this poor baby is 6 years of age and has been suffering this for a very lone time.

Update June 18th 2021.  We got more good news about Hugo today. He is well enough to leave the hospital. He will go into a foster home for the time being, which is US basically. The previous owner has paid part of the bill for his surgery and stay, but this leaves a balance. Anyone who would like to help us cover this your support is much appreciated.

Update June 26th 2021
Hugo was released today from the hospital and is a very happy boy. He is staying with a dear friend currently until his health is good enough for travel. Then I will move him to Brasov with us until he flies out to his forever home,

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