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Wolf's Den Our Story - My name is Art Mason. How did 1 Romanian woman and 3 Canadian born men become Dog Rescuers in the country of Romania? Here is our Wolf's Den, Our Story!

Back in 2010 I was scheduled for a trip to Romania for the purpose of teaching a martial art seminar. I met a lady from there named Mihaela, "Miky" who was to help me on this journey.

At the time she,and  her father Ion met me at the airport in Bucharest and I fell in love with the country and the culture.  That meeting I will never forget. Now Miky had a Husky named Tasha, a beautiful little girl. And Miky loved this girl beyond words.

Now on my first day in Constanta, which was my destination, we went to do some shopping and I encountered a family of rottweiler puppies at a Gas Station / Store. 

When I asked Miky about them she remarked they were homeless. And told me of the great problem the country had with street dogs and cats. 

It broke her heart. 

Wolf's Den Our Story continues

That evening we talked about the problem at length and she explained to me it began because of the fact the country was communist for so many years and how residents of farms and the countryside were forced into the city thus leaving their pets homeless. You can deduce the rest. 

Very tragically about 6 weeks after I returned to Canada Miky passed away due to medical malpractice. 

Ben Welch - Philip Welch and Fritz

Phil and Ben with Fritz

Miky Botea

Miky Botea

After Miky's passing I remained close to the family.  We talked daily and I visited many times from 2010 to 2016 when my son Scott and I moved to Romania to live.

It was upon adopting my first dog in Brașov in 2016 that we began to think about creating a rescue to solve the problem and honour the memory of Miky Botea a truly beautiful heart and beautiful soul.

I had always loved dogs but Miky was somehow able to make me see them though her eyes not just mine.

I nkow she was be proud and thrilled at what we are all going to go together. But do it properly.

Will this be hard? Perhaps the most challenging thing in all of our lives. But it will be well worth all the effort, heartbreak and pain. 

Alpha, Thor, Gandalf and Floki

Alpha, Thor, Gandalf and Floki

Wolf's Den Our Story

Back in the 1960's and 70's Canada had a street dog problem too. And much taxpayers money went into solving the problem. But it was done by brutally KILLING the Dogs, not saving them. I am ashamed of this! And honestly ashamed in general of my country of birth. That is for hundreds of reasons however. But I regress in telling Wolf's Den Our Story!

There are many wonderful people in Romania rescuing Dogs from the streets. Many I know and call them friends. But there is one difference with me. I am a lifetime entrepreneur, martial arts teacher, and I know how to make things happens. Most Dog rescuers are good people, but not entrepreneurs. My first business was when I was 19 years old.

I understand how to make money and get things done!

Therefore, part of the story, Wolf's Den Our Story, is in time every legitimate rescue in Romania will also receive funding to keep the battle going and to win! And without government money! I am not a person who believes the government needs to fix things. All they need do is make the laws, enforce the laws, we will do the rest! I know they will like that idea!

Wolf's Den Our Story, this is how the Wolf's Den Dog Rescue and Sanctuary was born! 

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Ionela-Otilia Botea, Art Mason, Scott Mason, Ben Welch and Philip Welch

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